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So what is a cult movie/film? - A cult film is something very hard to define. Usually it is a film that doesn't generate much box office revenue. Generally ignored by the mass public and often panned by critics. However, a small group of devoted viewers, will show a great affection and appreciation for these films. All of these films, however, leave an imprint long after they are forgotten by the general public. Whether it is a quotability or memorable songs, there is that certain something that makes them memorable for a chosen few. If you would like to read more about what defines a cult film please visit this Wikipedia page on cult films.

If a movie is:
* So Bad it's Good
* Quotable, Quotable, Quotable
* Has that special something you just can't place
* Is compelling for some reason (songs, stunt, scene)
* has a small group of devoted fans adoring it long after the public has forgotten it.
* is underappreciated or underrated (like a foreign film straight to DVD)
* is/was a Midnight Movie

Chances are it is a Cult Film.

Check out our Big List of Cult Movies and our Big List of Cult TV for some subjects to icon.

Currently we are not accepting Cult Cartoons or Cult Anime to be posted in this community.


1. Please be respectful to one another. That means be nice. Please don't troll, flame, spam, or harass anyone.

2. Cult movie and cult TV related icons or graphics only please! All non Cult movie and cult TV related icons/graphics will be deleted.

3. All graphic content must be behind an LJ-Cut with a warning. This includes blood, graphic violence, nudity, and profanity. Also, please do not post with an icon that contains objectional material. This community is for all ages.

4. Please credit the maker of the icon if you take one. Follow the rules that person posts with their icons. Also please comment when you take icons/graphics. Comments give us the warm fuzzies. Let the artist know that you appreciate all their hard work. =)

5. Posts with more than three bases or icons need to be placed behind a LJ cut. More than 3 icons outside the cut causes the page to load slow for dial up users.

6.Please make sure all your movies titles are listed somewhere within your post. This will make it easier for archiving.

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8.Please make sure all your icons meet the lj picture requirements.

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11. Requests welcome! Customization of posted icons is up to the discretion of the artist. Please ask, you may be surprised at how many people say yes.

If you feel like you can't follow these simple rules then maybe this is not the place for you. Otherwise, all are welcome. =)

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